Just Do It!

“hey, u have to memories all these.”

“唔系呱?this is so thick, some more where got people memories all these?”

“系唧,u have to. boss will ask one, all the details, better word by word, even the page number as well.”

“what?! this is ridiculous! page number will change, even standard will change by time!”

“well… boss says so…”



“ok, understood.”

Nike says: Just Do It!


0 responses to “Just Do It!

  • ahyi

    hahaha… don’t take it too seriously….

    Just do whatever u can… memorize the book? hehehe… ask ur boss how long does he/she does that? 10yrs? 20yrs? in the fields?

    All these memorize thingy come naturally 😀

    Enjoy ur work!! Dont let the work become ur burden! 😉

  • sam

    When I was in 6th Form, my Organic Chem teacher threw a thick reference book on lab experiment to my class and asked everyone in my class to memorise the experiments and the expected outcome of each experiment in the book. The point was, during lab work exams, even we don’t observe the results in our “experiment” we can still write the “right” answers.

    I quit 6th Form 1 1/2 months after that.

  • clover


  • JerryWho

    When I was in Secondary 1, my Mandarin teacher took out a Proverb Dictionary and made us memorise 7 proverbs per day. There was no test until the end of each year.

    The miraculous thing is, I remembered most of the 2000 proverbs in the dictionary.

    I quit studying Mandarin after secondary school, because, the teacher has made sure that I became the dictionary.

    There are two sides to everything.

    But it is really your choice to take the side that makes you happy.

    Cheer up, my dear!

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