Be Aware of “G mai L” Account Verification。

收到一封来自 “g-mail team” 的 email,看起来是假的。贴出来给个警告。

i received a fake email from “g-mail team”, which is known as spoofing. so pls be aware, don’t send over your password.


pls click for larger image.

  • 如果你有注意,这个 email 像是 forwarded email 多过 original email。
  • 据我所知,gmail 都是 free 的,没有所谓的 “premium account owners”。
  • Gmail 每次的 email 邮址都是 gmail-noreply[at]google[com]com,这个怪怪的,叫,一看就知道在玩野。
  • 这个不是 gmail,它是 g-mail、g mai l、gma il!、g ma il。
  • internet security warning 每次都会告诉你:不要 send password!
  • 发函不一致:我有两个 gmail account,只有一个收到。

不介意你 forward 这个 post,我不会追究 copyright 问题。

  • if you ever notice (through full size image), the email seem to be a forwarded email rather then original email with two vertical line at left hand side of the content.
  • as far as i’m concern, all gmail are free, no such thing as “premium account owners”.
  • Gmail team always send their email via gmail-noreply[at]google[com]com, this one have an odd address,
  • apart from ‘gmail’, they are calling themselves ‘g-mail’, ‘g mai l’, ‘gma il!’, ‘g ma il’. no consistency.
  • internet security warning have been warning us all this while: never reveal your password through email!
  • no consistency in sending email. i’m owning two gmail accounts, only one received.

pls forward, there is not copyright for this post.


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