Alternative to D2X’s Wireless Transmitter Feature!

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” – Robert Capa. I believe those who hold a camera, agree so.

Days before 10 Nov, an experience photojournalist, Jeremiahfoo highlighted some useful guidelines for those who intend to bring their camera along, one of the tips was: bring more memory cards, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

However, I found that wasn’t easy for inexperience dummy like me; serial actions of searching memory card in bag’s pockets, changing card, and keeping the card safe wasn’t easy to perform when you are rushing nervously in a rally, or running away from chemical water or teargas or FRU…

Going closer allows you for better pictures, but also leads you to higher chances of confronting FRU. You never knew the best news photo might be in the memory card in the camera you holding when police demand for it.

Of course, none of us want to lose every single picture we took. While I was struggling if I should get closer to frontline, I really appreciate the wifi image transmission feature as in the damn expensive D2X, which I don’t think I’ll ever have one.

This little cool gadget turned me on when I came across it: Eye-Fi card, it’s a wireless memory card! A SD memory card-size memory card with built-in wi-fi! Wow wow!

With this, you can automatically upload pictures directly from camera to PC and online photo sharing websites such as flickr, photobucket, facebook, picasa, or even typepad and many more, at the very same time you are taking pictures! The card is compatible with any DSLR that use SD format memory card, including D40/D40s and of course K100D. 🙂 Selling at only U$D99.99, this is only about RM33+ (without tax…), a great alternative of D2X! 😀

But… (big sigh!) this product is currently only supported in USA, and isn’t support hotspot.

But I think it’s worth to wait, looks so promising! The current wifi range for outdoor is 90 feet, hoping it will increase by the time it available in Malaysia.

How about bluetooth card? I think it’s more practical at here, since our internet network still so lag! All we need is a laptop with bluetooth is on within the range while we can worriless take photos that reveal the truth of our beloved country.


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