away for a moment…

soli to all readers, i’m currently damn busy + run out of idea on what to write + still cannot access my blog fr home (lost technician’s hp number, arghhh!), so will be silent for sometime.

just add a new entry to let u guys know that I’m still alive, still exist on this earth, haven’t migrate to mars yet. 😛

life is getting smooth and busier, but blogging seem getting stuck, cannot ride 2 boats in one time huh? anyway, hope can manage things in life better, and hope to get back to blogging like usual soon (have to come back asap, snowxwhite already said, pretty girls must write blog).

just drop a line if u miss me, i’ll still reply de. if wanna see me, attend Apr 7’s party, i’ll dress sweet sweet de. If u don’t wanna give face to me, we got other leng lui bloggers like snowxwhie, kae, kampung girl and etc are attending, give face to them. or u can be part of us, hehee~

see u there~ *flying kiss*


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